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Online Seed Orders

Originally published at The Suburban Garden. Please leave any comments there.

2014 Seed Order

This week I was delighted to receive all three of my 2014 seed orders.

The first, and largest, was from Veseys.  A sprout mix, Kaleidoscope Swiss Chard, Evening Glow Impatiens, Seaside Impatiens, Siam Queen Thai Basil, German Winter Thyme, Sweet Marjoram, Stevia, and Rosemary.  There was a tiny mix-up with the Stevia, the product numbers got mixed up when they filled the order and sent Cabbage seeds instead.  When I contacted them to swap them for Stevia, they told me to keep the Cabbage and they’re sending the pack of Stevia immediately.  I received confirmation that they shipped today.

The second, from Salt Spring Seeds, was a small one.  All I had ordered from them was one package of Chestnut Chickpeas.  I suspect they looked at how much I was willing to pay for shipping and took pity on me, because they included a second package of chickpeas for free.

The third arrived this morning, from Victory Seeds in the US.  Luffa Gourd, BurpeeGolden Beets, Tatume Climbing Squash, and Peppermint.  This order was exactly as expected, and I was very impressed with the swift shipping across the border.

In the past, I have also ordered from West Coast Seeds and the Halifax Seed Company, both of which are very reliable as well.  Receiving seeds in the middle of winter makes me very happy – it gives me a feeling of hope, that winter will not last forever, and that in a few short weeks, the pre-planting season begins.