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The Suburban Garden

Growing a small piece of paradise...

This blog is about my experiences as a gardener in the suburbs, where space is somewhat limited. I post about anything new that I learn, and any garden goings-on in the National Capital.

The Suburban Garden is located just outside of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. This places us in Hardiness Zone 5. In winter, our temperature regularly drops down to -25°C. In summer, we often have temperatures as high as +35°C. This allows for very diverse planting seasons. Our last frost date is usually in late May, so many plants do have to be started indoors and transplanted once they are hardened off.

My experiences as a gardener started out as a young child. My father always had a garden growing, and I learned the basics from him: how to mix the soil, when to put the plants in, what kind of supports certain plants needed, and what goes into a composter.

Later, while living in downtown Ottawa, I had the fortune of having a large balcony with decent access to sunlight. In starting a container garden, I discovered some new challenges about gardening. My experiences are in the back-posts in this blog, in the category “Apartment Gardening”. Back then the blog was called The Urban Garden.

The site made its change to The Suburban Garden when my family moved to a suburb just outside of Ottawa. We have a very small garden area, so our container gardens are still in use. We also were able to add a rain barrel and a composter, and m0st recently an indoor garden.