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Plant An Ice Garden

Originally published at The Suburban Garden. Please leave any comments there.

Winter doesn’t have to be miserable if you plant a colourful ice garden!

Ice Balloons UnfinishedFill balloons* with food colouring and water, then tie them up.  If you hang them upside down while they freeze, they create a beautiful teardrop shape.  If you’re going for the egg shape, lay them down (with the open end down) in the snow.  They take about 2-3 days to freeze completely in -15°C to -20°C, depending on their size.

Ice GardenOnce they are frozen, remove the balloons and plant your garden!  They can be admired from your window, or up close.  This is also a fun experiment to do with kids.  (If you’re feeling creative, you can also try different shaped balloons.)

Tip:  If you make them smaller, they are less likely to crack while freezing.
*I use the helium quality balloons, they’re less likely to break under the weight.